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A sublime 'Ucha' helps Torrellano to the win

publicado: lunes 27 enero 2020
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A sublime 'Ucha' helps Torrellano to the win

A first-half double scored by the Torrellano striker was too much for Benidorm who weren't able to get into the match.

Right from the first whistle, Athletic Club Torrellano looked to maintain possession of the ball and while the home side tried to hold the initiative, Iván and Javito tried to hurt them rapid counter-attacks. Before the 40th minute was completed, a low cross from the right-wing to the second post was met by Hucha and put the home team 1-0 up.

In an attempt to react, Benidorm CD began to move the ball faster but within a few minutes, a mistake in the midfield meant a through ball behind the back of the Benidorm defence that once again Hucha dribbled past Ethan and slotted into an empty net. This left Athletic Club Torrellano with a considerable advantage heading into the changing rooms.

With the result in their favour, the home team played with a little less risk and in search of a goal, Edgar and Guillermo entered the field but it was not enough to break the Torrellano defence. Tronky entered the pitch for Athletic Club Torrellano and ended up scoring the third, thus sentencing the match.