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INTERVIEW | Sergio: "We're moving on from not knowing each other to becoming to a group"

published: Friday 25th Oct 2019
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INTERVIEW | Sergio: "We're moving on from not knowing each other to becoming to a group"

Benidorm CD has not started the 2019/2020 campaign in Group IV of Preferente Regional League too well. Something quite logical considering the huge reconstruction taken place this summer where, except for two, they are all new players.

Precisely, one of those two players is Sergio, author of a hat trick in their recent match against Orihuela CF B with which we had the pleasure of speaking. Three goals with a bit of bittersweet tate, because despite that feat and that Benidorm CD managed to score four goals away from home, the ended up losing 5-4.


Question: Normally when one scores a hat trick, he is happy because, in most cases, he is on the winning side. However, Benidorm CD ended up losing 5-4 to Orihuela CF B in a pretty crazy game despite your 3 goals. What are your thoughts?
Answer: On a personal level, I am happy to have achieved all three goals, but in the end, this is about the group, therefore the satisfaction is not so great. It's a little strange that the team scores four goals away from home and comes away without at least a point.

Q: When was your last hat trick?
A: Honestly, I can't remember. I have scored twice in a match a few times, but three... It must be when I was a kid.

Q: Which of the goals do you prefer? (For its quality, importance...)
A: In the end, one was a free-kick and the other two were penalties. I know it sounds easy, but you still have to put it in the back of the net. I'd probably say the second penalty because we were a man down with little time left on the clock and it was for the draw, I'd already scored the first and to score a second can be complicated.

Q: With 8 games played and only one victory, that currently puts you second from bottom with only 6 points. Perhaps the results have not accompanied the team's performance and many matches have been lost by the minimum. What do you think?
A: It's been a complicated year so far, only one teammate and myself remain from last year, with everyone else being new this season. Not only that, we've got many foreigners with different languages and we are all adapting. Individually there are good players, but we are in the process of forming a team to achieve better results. The managers' work is very good and I'm convinced our dynamic will change very soon.

Q: What are the teams' objectives this season?
A: The club is experiencing a massive change and we're all currently in the adaptation process. The aim is to compete in every match and finish as high up the table as possible. As it stands the table does not reflect the level this team is at.

Q: What do you think holds the key to change the current situation?
A: The key is getting to know one another, to go from being unknown to a group. We are in that process and everything will begin to change soon.

Q: Would you like to take the opportunity to add anything or send a message?
A: I would like to thank the work you do. You make us feel like we are in higher categories thanks to the media impact you have. It is a pleasure that you are aware of us and makes us feel so important.