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Classification of Preferred Group IV teams with more followers on Facebook

published: Tuesday 27th Aug 2019
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Classification of Preferred Group IV teams with more followers on Facebook

Today social networks are protagonists in the lives of young people and adults. Thanks to them we can be aware of the information of our football team instantly. Social networks such as Twitter or Facebook help to estimate, in broad strokes, the social mass that moves the club taking into account the amount of likes, comments and followers.

In the 19/20 season we will have, again, eighteen teams in the Preferred Group IV. Known teams in the category such as the UD Horadada, Elitei Project, Beniferri CF or CFI Alicante, among others. In it the teams that did not achieve the ascent to Third Division congregate but they were classified among the first of the group last season as Villajoyosa CF and teams such as Athletic Club Torrellano, CD Murada or CF Calvari of Benidorm recently promoted to the category. Therefore, there can be a big difference between the followers of each club according to their history or according to their location.

Therefore, we classify in order from highest to lowest number of followers on Facebook to eighteen teams in Group IV of Preferred.
Ranking of Valencian clubs of Preferred Group IV with more followers on Facebook:

  1. CF Independiente Alicante: 8,739 likes.
  2. CD Tháder: 1,783 likes.
  3. Ube Rayo Ibense: 1,758 likes.
  4. Athletic Club Torrellano: 1,739 likes.
  5. Benidorm CD: 1,704 likes.
  6. Callosa Deportiva CF: 1,438 likes.
  7. Villajoyosa CF: 1,419 likes.
  8. CF Calvari of Benidorm: 1,184 likes.
  9. CD Murada: 1,116 likes.
  10. CD Almoradí: 1,080 likes.
  11. FB Redován CF: 855 likes.
  12. You Horadada: 780 likes.
  13. CF UD Ilicitana: 619 likes.
  14. Elitei Project: 595 likes.
  15. UD Petrelense CF: 359 likes.
  16. Benferri CF: no data.
  17. Orihuela CF B: no data.
  18. University of Alicante CD: no data.

There are some clubs that are "No data" due to not having found much of their respective Facebook. This data may vary depending on the date on which they are measured and with the passage of time.