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Benidorm prepares to enjoy its great derby

published: Thursday 5th Sep 2019
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Benidorm prepares to enjoy its great derby

On the shores of the Mediterranean this Sunday at 11 am we are presented with an appointment that nobody can miss, the great derby of the city of Benidorm. After the rise of the local team, CF Calvari of Benidorm, this entity will face its stadium partner, the SFFCV Benidorm CD. Although both clubs recognize that this match has come too early on the calendar, there is a great desire to see their faces on the grass.

During the week both clubs have avoided agreeing on the training camp so that the opposite did not see what they were preparing for this duel, so they have modified the training hours. The annexed field of the Sports City “Guillermo Amor” will be the place where Antonio Villaescusa and Javier Subirats players will compete to win the interesting game.

The local Villaescusa team arrives after beating the Elitei Project CF 0-1. The coach of CF Calvari is very satisfied with the first 3 points collected: "It is very good for the confidence and safety of the people, for the number of new players we have and the fact that they debuted in Preferred." The coach relies on a template set up as we said by very young players (among them those provided by CF Intercity) and experienced people who know what the category is. He hopes to have formed a team "to save us as soon as possible and at the same time see what we are able to do with the passing of the days.

Villaescusa: "We arrived with high morale and a lot of confidence but always with respect to the rival"

Antonio Villaescusa expects a rival who with the point of the first day "will have won in confidence and we know the proven quality of its players, it will be a rocky team that will not give anything away." It will be a special match for him, because in addition to training the missing Benidorm CF, he also worked for the Foundation for two and a half seasons, therefore he knows the neighboring and rival club well on Sunday. The coach assures that his team comes to this duel "with very high morale, with a lot of confidence and eager to face this game always with respect."

CF Calvari will have Pablo's casualties, for double reprimand, and Rubio's. In addition, Dani and Ivan are doubtful because of physical issues. Villaescusa encourages the fans "to climb the field and encourage a team that will not disappoint them in a derby that arrives soon but will be attractive." The Sports Director, Javier Ortiz, points out that from the club they expect a good entry since in the street there is “eager to see this derby”. Of course, Ortiz points out that more than as a rivalry he believes that he will live “like a great sports show” for the city. The Sports Director confirms that during the week they have adapted the training schedules to avoid “that some see what the others were preparing, so that it is the cleanest match”.

Subirats: "The games have to be won all, but in a derby there is always a plus at stake"

For his part, the coach of the SFFCV Benidorm CD, Javier Subirats also believes that this match comes too early on the calendar to be able to enjoy it with the most shot teams. Remember that this club was presented to the first day of the championship with only 12 federation chips, and tied for a goal against CD Murada. Subirats analyzes the debut of his team like this: "It is costing us the start, we are a team in formation like most templates in the category, but above all I highlight the desire and enthusiasm that all players are putting". The goal set by the coach is to "improve a lot" the previous season.

Regarding the rival he expects this weekend, he comments that CF Calvari is a team "recently promoted but that already added the first three points in a very complicated field on the first day, now they will play as locals and they will surely make it very difficult” . And on the importance of winning a game as special as Sunday's, from the experience of having enjoyed many great matches in his career, he concludes with a great truth: “matches must be won all, whether or not they are derbies, but it is true that in these meetings there is a plus at stake."